Sphinx extensions

.. currentlanguage::

This directive solves a subtle problem when documenting multilingual Lino applications: I want to write tickets in the language of the user who reported it. That language is not necessarily English. I don’t want to translate tickets. But I want to expand ddref roles into the user’s language, not to English.


.. command::

Define a “command”, i.e. a suite of words to be typed at a command line.


Refer to a command defined elsewhere.

Don’t mix this with the built-in command role.


.. blogger_year::

Inserts a calendar for the given year with the twelve months. The individual days are linked to their respective daily entry.

.. blogger_index::

Inserts a main index page forthis blog, one entry for every year.

Inline markup


The :role:`role` *role* inserts a *reference to* a
role *definition* which is defined somewhere else using a
:dir:`role` *directive*.


The role:role role inserts a reference to a role definition which is defined somewhere else using a role directive.